Synk Time

Time Code for ETC EOS

Synk Time is a plugin to work with Time Code and ETC EOS Family consoles.

It will help you to create your Time Code Show in a fast and visual manner.

You won’t need to type every single time for each of the Events you create on EOS. All you need to do is to set your markers with a DAW software, export them and Synk Time will automatically create the Time Code for your Events into the ETC EOS Console. With Synk Time is fast, easy and visual to create your Time Code Show for ETC EOS Family consoles.


You can work directly on the audio track and the waveform helps you to find the perfect time for your cue. All you have to do is to prepare your Markers to create your Time Code Events.

Use Reaper to add your Time Code Markers and export them as a CSV file.

Download Reaper here..


Once you have all the Markers load your CSV file into Synk Time, select the Event List that you want to create, the Cue List and adjust your FPS.

Synk Time use the OSC Protocol to connect with the ETC EOS Console and create your Event List with the Time Code of your markers linked to the Cues. Your Time Code Show is ready to run!